Sexy Nominee Service

Have the sexiest offices (Director, Secretary, Stockholders) and protect your privacy with our Nominee Service.

Starts at: 1,000USD

Offshore Company

Offshore company with nomine service, anonymity and privacy protection, limited liability and tax exemption.


Move to Philippines

Enterperneurs that want access to low cost labour, 360 sunny days a year, beautiful beaches and low cost living.


Corporate Identity

We can also provide your business with a corporate id: company name, logo, website, and webhosting. Starts at: 1,000USD

Starts at: 1,000USD


If you are worried about your privacy, we offer the nominee incorporation service: usually $1,000 / calendar year (but depends on the jurisdiction). You must opt for nominees at incorporation

Offshore companies offer tremendous benefits in terms of asset protection and being as tax efficient as possible. That’s where SLITZ comes in, to help you: A nominee is a third party who’s nominated to act as director, shareholder, member, and/or partner in the company. Nominees are usually appointed with a separate agreement in place stating that the nominee can be let go at any time by the UBO (ultimate beneficial owner), which would be the company’s real owner(s). A nominee director or shareholder typically will not do anything unless instructed by the UBO.


The Business of Bold Entertainment

We builds internet startups which replicate the business models of other established, successful companies. We treat every new company like a speedboat, and we want them to become aircraft carriers with in 6 month. We are looking for young hungry tech seavy individuals to join or task of building the next million dollor business.

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