We provide offshore services with a twist. Our Offshore Partners™ don’t need to register their own offshore company. When you are part of our Offshore Cooperative™ (as a partner), you have access to our pre-registered companies equipped with bank account, board members and brand identity (logo, billing, address, staff etc). We handle this so that you don’t have to, just provide your personal offshore bank account, where your future profit will be transferred to.

As an Offshore Partner™ you will also earn passive income from deals done by other Offshore Partners™. So even in between your deals you have access to cash flow.

As an Offshore Partner™ you can focus 100% on creating and closing new deals. Profit then flow through the company tax free and onto your personal tax free account as your commission earned per deal (minus 7% commission that stays in the company).


Each Offshore Partner pay 1,000USD per year plus 7% commission per deal, to cover operational cost and future expansion of the company. 2% out of the 7% is shared with the other partners. This allows all partners to earn passiv income from each other’s business dealing.
This profit sharing is an incentivized compensation program that awards partners a percentage of the company's dealing made by all partners.


A cooperative offshore group, also known as a co-op is a type of offshore trading corporation that is both owned and controlled by its members (Partners), who also happen to use the services and products of the cooperative (like doing tax free deals and transaction).


The Cooperative Offshore Group, is the perfect offshore business tool for the next generation of corporate Rock stars. No need to set up your own offshore company, access to ready to use offshore companies with bank account, directors and secretary from day one, no paper works or maintenance, more time to close new deals and zero tax.


A partner in our offshore Cooperative Group is a highly ranked position, indicating co-ownership of partnership in which you as a partner is entitled to a share of the profits as "equity partners." The title also allow you to invite new partners. As you earn passive income from their FUTURE business dealing, it’s every partner’s best interest to only invite new partners that can contribute with bigger business deals.


Domestic corporations are often affected in adverse ways by excessive regulation and high taxation. Large sums of money and human resources are diverted away from productive processes and wasted in order to monitor compliance with a myriad of restrictions. To be an offshore Partner opens the doors of doing your future deals in a business-friendly environment with zero tax, the perfect place to run any kind of business. Unlike domestic countries, offshore zones have a favorable economic environment that simplifies the process of company management. No more BIR deadlines and government monthly compliance.


We are organized; like most law firms as partnerships, so traditionally, when a lawyer "makes partner," that's the time when he or she transitions from being an employee of the firm (and being paid a salary) to becoming a part-owner of the firm, and sharing in the firm's profits.

To "makes partner" you need to do three important things, 1) show proof that you have business deals that you will bring to the firm. 2) Be ready to pay the annual fee of 1,000USD. 3) Fill out our new partner application form.

Follow the example of such major players as Apple and Google, and make a decision to move your business overseas. We will save your time and money helping you to do your future deals offshore, and remove all the obstacles to pave an easy way forward for you.

** All new Offshore Partners need to apply for the position.


We are also planning to set up a vacation unit and co-working space in the Philippines for our partners. Where you will be able to enjoy Sun and Fun with personal driver and maid. Enjoy your future tax free deals and partying from a tropical paradise - SLITZ Magazine style..



I’m john and one of the first Offshore Partners. I’m now located in the Philippines where I do my international deals tax free under the Offshore Cooperative. If you have any questions or like to have tips on relocating to the Philippines or joining Offshore Cooperative. Send me a message at my facebook.



Why you should be an Offshore Partner™?

Going offshore has never been easier and with the new Offshore Partner™ set-up, you get even more benefits: Enjoy zero bureaucracy, no monthly deadlines, low annual fix fee (1,000USD), zero tax, passive income on other partners deals, access to SLITZ sexy team of female office staff (assisting with billing and emailing). In near future we will also offer partners sleep over and co-working space in tropical Manila and Bangkok. We can also assist with staff outsourcing, re location to Philippines and invitations to SLITZ Magazine premium parties and shoot.

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