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SLITZ magazine, the recognized authority on sexiness. Packed with cutting-edge coverage of the wildest lifestyle, must-have toys, creative people, sexy bodies and other human obsessions. Feature the coolest people, the hottest babes and the wildest lifestyles, in fact, anything that we consider inspiring and we think will excite you too.

SLITZ has never identified itself with any one 'thing'. The publication takes its influences from all around; nightlife, fashion, extreme sports, tattoo, the adult industry, and any other bold trend and lifestyle. Our readers, Bons Vivants, are people who enjoy the good things in life; and our content, in most cases, are contributed by the same, our readers from around the world.

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We're looking for contributors (models/ photographers/ writers/ Programmers/ Graphic Artist/ Video Editors/ Etc.) who are willing to keep up the magazine's sex appeal. We welcome submissions (Photos/ Articles of Nightlife, Bodies, Business, Sex, Cars, Traveling, etc.) which should be sent to slitzmag[AT] yahoo[DOT]com. If you wish to contribute, please take some time familiarizing yourself with SLITZ's specific style and visual language. Please don't contribute or submit if you're not comfortable with following the guidance on this page.

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We builds internet startups which replicate the business models of other established, successful companies. We treat every new company like a speedboat, and we want them to become aircraft carriers with in 6 month. We are looking for young hungry tech seavy individuals to join or task of building the next million dollor business.

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